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How to Clean a House Properly
















Home cleaning is the organized removal of unknown objects from the interior space of a house.  Home cleaning covers all aspects including putting every household item in its right place so as to avoid disorder.  It is a mandatory exercise engineered to help get rid of pathogen causing micro-organisms from one's household.  Interior space cleaning involves the careful wiping of all surfaces to achieve a sparkling look.  It also includes the washing of dirty laundry and cleaning of utensils.


Good house cleaning by Maid Service Victoria BC is done in a planned manner to avoid leaving out on certain important spots.  Cleaning of a household should follow the top to bottom approach.  By this I mean that an individual should start by dusting shelves, windows, photo frames and television sets. 


The process should then be followed by a thorough vacuum cleaning of any upholstered furniture including the bedroom space since it is rather impossible even for the best of cleaners to take dirt off a crevice.  Polishing of the interior surfaces can be done to obtain a distinct look. After polishing has been done the windows, furniture and floor surfaces are left shining.


It should then be followed by the careful cleaning of the floor area.  Good floor cleaning practice is to start from the end of a room and conclude at its entrance.  One has to cautiously disinfect the floor area from any pathogens using antiseptic soap and very clean cleaning material.


One has to use a rather different approach when cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.  Kitchen drawers are wiped clean so as to prevent the habitation of cockroaches in a kitchen.  The kitchen stove then has to be washed so as to remove any food residues that might have fallen onto the surface of the stove during cooking.  House cleaning by Move Out Cleaning West Shore BC also entails the deliberate disinfection of the interior space of a microwave and all cooking pans within a kitchen.  The sink is then wiped till a sparkling clean touch has been achieved.  Sanitizing of the kitchen floor is then done.


Cleaning a bathroom on the other hand is an entirely different process due to the accessories that a standard bathroom is equipped with. First and foremost, every foreign object has to be removed from the bath tab.  The bathroom mat is scrubbed with soapy water and then rinsed on the bath tab surface. 


Lastly the entire bathroom accessories are scrubbed, rinsed with clean water then dried.  The bathroom's floor space is wiped clean and dried using a clean mop.  Effective house cleaning is only achieved when one pays attention to detail.


A clean and orderly house encourages its dwellers to spend ample amounts of time in it. It is of importance for one to inhabit a house that is clean and healthy.